Family issues

Sometimes we encounter issues and challenges in our relationships with family members. The following links provide a range of useful resources and information exploring a broad range of topics from communicating with teens to caring from older relatives.


Communicating with teens

Knowing how to talk to your teen can be tough. Relate publish a range of useful practical guides on how to have meaningful conversations with your son or daughter.


Helping Aging Parents

As your parents age and need assistance with life's tasks – anything from balancing a checkbook to dealing with insurance claims – its hard to know how to take charge, without taking over. How do you help your parent, without making them feel as if they're losing their independence? How do you get the job done without condescending, or making them angry?

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Caring for older relatives

Looking after an older disabled relative can have practical, financial and emotional challenges. But help and support is available. 

Even though you might see yourself as a wife, husband, partner, sibling, daughter or son, it's important to recognise that you are still caring for someone. NHS Choices provides a variety of useful resources to help support carers.

A practical guide to healthy caring

This advice booklet will help you if you look after a friend or family member or have any form of caring responsibilities, but it is written to be particularly relevant for those who are about 65 years or older and are new to caring.

This guide has been prepared by NHS England, Age UK, Carers Trust, Carers UK, Public Health England and older people themselves.