The power of self acceptance

Today I spent a lot of time reflecting of self acceptance and the potential we can all unleash if we are able to simply accept ourselves. To me self acceptance is an ongoing process of exploring our unique strengths and weaknesses, and reserving judgement on ourselves. It is about saying ‘I know I am flawed but I posses a unique value nonetheless’, its about self forgiveness and a commitment, where necessary, to self repair. I don’t think self acceptance is easy, in fact for many of us it means opening up boxes we keep hidden away in the darkest corners of our minds and saying ‘I see that about me, I feel the pain, and suffering it has caused me, and I love myself all the same’.

Self acceptance requires the courage to face our most painful demons, the discipline to keep on doing it again and again, and the desire above all else to change. The value of self acceptance is in the attainment of a healthier and more satisfied self, and this in turn flows outwards others, creating deeper and more connected relationships.
I recent watched a talk by Michelle Charfen who explored her journey to self acceptance through being a parent. Her approach is based on a CBT journalling technique and her insights are truly inspiring. I highly recommend a watch!